Jae Burnham

Jae Burnham is a moving industry professional who owned a successful moving company in Lansing, Michigan. He is the creator of the Facebook Group 7 Figure Moving Academy as well as the popular YouTube Channel 7 Figure Moving Academy. Jae is a pioneer in the moving industry and has helped many movers with starting and running their moving businesses.

what is gross profit, net profit, and profit margin

What is Profit?

We’re talking about how to understand gross profit, net profit, and profit margin.  I can’t believe that there’s many people out there that don’t understand these basic principles of profit. So we’re going to discuss this here, right?  This applies across the board, and there’s going to be several different ways to calculate gross profit, …

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how to deal with stress

How to Manage Stress in the Moving Business

They say that moving is the third most stressful thing that a person can do in their lifetime. And it’s not any less stressful for the movers and moving company owners either.  Do you feel stress often in your moving business?  Is your health failing because of the stress?  You’re not alone.  I know that …

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