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Best Hiring Practices for Movers

The biggest problem that most of you will face is not hiring good people to work as drivers and laborers. If you’ve been in this business for any length of time you’ll know that what I am saying is true. This requires the best hiring practices ever.

We’ve discussed this in other articles which you can read here but I thought a refresher of the…

Top 5 Best Hiring Practices

…Are in order.

and these hiring practices will also work when hiring executive and office help as well.

But where you fail is that you don’t have the best hiring practice process down pat which leaves you to…

Hiring Idiots

Many of you struggle with hiring great guys for your companies…

You typically just start hiring anyone with a pulse then wonder why shit goes wrong.

Well, Einstein, it’s because you hire losers. You wait too long to hire people, and you hire guys that quit at the drop of a hat then you have to scramble to replace the losers by hiring more losers…

You’re in a Catch 22!!!

Solve that problem by hiring the superstars right now. Hire more than you need…weed out the dead beats.

The responsibility lies with you!

When you’re looking to hire the best of the best you first need to have a

Clear and Concise Vision where Your Company is Going

…Because without a clear vision, your company will DIE!!!

Not trying to get “Christian” on you but there is a quote in the Bible where it says, “where a nation lacks vision it will perish.” This is true for companies.

You have to have a vision of your ideal company as the first step.

Many top influencers and CEOs in the world have a clear vision of what they need and want for their companies…they either have clearly mapped out in their head, on paper, or even on a vision board.

You should too!

With that vision, you can then define exactly the kind of person you want in your organization to represent your company.

Why hire someone when they don’t meet those standards. Start hiring the right people for the right positions before you get yourself into the proverbial Catch 22.

Don’t just hire any Tom, Dick, or Henry into your company…In fact, you have to…

Play Hard to Get

…In the hiring process.

This is the second best hiring practice to start applying right now.

You have a vision and you want the superstars…not the dregs. And the best way to weed these idiots and junkies out is playing hard to get.

You have to present the people you are about to hire with a little resistance. Don’t make it easy to get the job.

When you speak with them on the phone or in-person during an interview hit them with this line and see what they do…”Man you sound great, and I feel that you have potential…but I have to be honest. I don’t get that you are quite right for this company at this time.”

If they agree and give up and don’t push back then they are not right for your company.

You want the guys that want to fight for their job. You want them to show you and a little egotism. The person that fights back gives a little a bit os sass to that comment…because if they’re willing to fight for the position they’ll be more apt to fight for your company and it’s success.

But no matter how much they fight for your company they still won’t measure up until you…

Have a Training System in Place

And I am not talking about having the watch some YouTube videos (although that is better than nothing) and then put them on the truck…

That’s the dumbest shit you can do.

You need to give them at least 3 days of in-house training teaching them everything that is required of them while working for you.

And when I say everything…I MEAN EVERYTHING!

Now just because you gave them 3 days of hardcore training from the best (you) doesn’t mean that training is over…oh hell no!

In fact, you’ll get the best results if you train constantly.


The Number of Times over Equals Certainty and Results.

Kobe (God rest his soul) didn’t become one of the all-time great basketball players because he only practiced just once…no…he trained every day for several hours a day.

No great athlete, celebrity, or even mega-million dollar executive ever became great because they did something once…

They became great because they practiced their craft or business every day…keeping the vision of their success in front of their eyes all the time.

Therefore this leads me to the fourth best hiring practice that needs to be gotten is…

Hire Slow and Fire Fast

…I can’t emphasize this enough.

You can’t rush the hiring process. You just can’t no matter how desperate you are to fill your positions.

When you hire too quickly you end up hiring the bottom feeders that are only there to milk the clock and get their paycheck so that they can score more meth.

Compound that with lack of training these yahoos start damaging stuff all over the place, doing a mediocre job at best, ruining your company’s reputation online, or even worse…they start to engage in criminal activity.

You can’t fire them because you stopped hiring once you filled the positions so if you do fire them then you’re scrambling to hire some guys again…

And therein lies that famous Catch 22 dwindling spiral that I spoke about previously…

This’ll eat you up, my friend.

Take your time to hire the right people based on your clear vision, make them fight for a job — not gladiator style. Train them on your SOPs and keep training them, and if they don’t work out then…

Fire Them Right Now!!!

Don’t let them stay there in your company destroying your good name and reputation.

It is cheaper to hire the right guy in due time than it is to hire Mr. Good Enough. And is he doesn’t work out then get rid of him and right the next guy in the lineup.

And for that to work you have to…

Always be Hiring

Always be upgrading your staff. That doesn’t mean get rid of the great people that you have right now…

It means augmenting what you currently have with a newer more recent model.

And as you get this machine going and you start hiring all the people that fit your company’s vision you’ll find where your weak spots are in the company and consequently begin to fill them with the superstars that you need.

This is how you build out a great company with a strong and dynamic culture.

Now that I laid out the Top 5 Best Hiring Practices for you, you’ll need to attract the people that you want and that begins with the help wanted “ad”.

You have to set the tone right away which is why my headline for the ad reads…

“(position) SUPERSTAR WANTED $X0K TO $X00K”

…and moves on from there.

Right off the bat, I am qualifying exactly who I want to hire and for what position.

But don’t fool yourself…there’ll be those folks that think that their shit doesn’t stink and feel that headline matches them to a tee…that’s why I continue on with the rest of the “ad”:

Don’t even call ☎️ unless you’re the best and can prove it.

Earn $30K if you’re average, $60K if you’re good, and $100K PLUS if you’re great.

This is in the Relocation industry, but we only hire star performers…not backgrounds. Young or old, man or woman — if you have the stuff, we’ll know.

Will train someone who has everything we want.

Huge performance rewards to get you to $100K and beyond each year. 💰

✅ Must be awesome at customer service and communication.

✅ Need to be highly self-motivated and be able to work independently without a boss breathing down your neck.

✅ A barracuda mover that can think on their feet based on the company’s needs and the customer’s wants.

Come and build your own empire with our fine, progressive company. We have a superb reputation and need real stars to bring the best shippers.

(call to action…email, call, message/text, etc.)

Use this template and watch your phone ring off the hook or your email fill up.

Not only will it help you with the best hiring practices it’ll create…

The Ultimate Sales Machine

I fully expect you to alter this template to fit your company’s vision and needs. And it can be used for any position in your organization.

This is from an amazing book by Chet Holmes called The Ultimate Sales Machine. If you hadn’t read it you need to…yesterday! It’s truly a must-read book.

You seriously need to get it and read it. Just click the link above and it’ll take you to Amazon where you can buy it…it’s like $12 bucks. (If you do get from the link I do make a little bit of commission as it is an affiliate link…or if you’re not comfortable with that just go to Amazon for yourself and pick it up.)

But if you don’t pick up the book, I think that I’ve laid out the best hiring practices here in a sufficient enough manner for you to apply.

Now it is up to you to go…

An Apply the Best Hiring Practices

Above all, no matter how much you envision your company to be the best it will never get there without ACTION!


In short, this is a good framework from which to build upon. You’ll need to remake it your toward your vision of course, but put it to work for you…and I feel that you’ll see amazing results.

Go and do Something Great Today!!!

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