About Us

7 Figure Moving Academy was started for YOU.

2008. That’s when it all started. That was the seed of the 7 Figure Moving Academy.

It was the height of the Great Recession. In the hardest hit state. Michigan. And to top it off I started my company on the spur of the moment with half of the moving season over.

I worked for a rogue mover that refused to pay me. (He still owes me over $300).

I watched how he got his jobs. I learned how to do the job.

And like you, I thought that I could do this…and I could do better.

So…I did.

I created a business that was grossing nearly half a million dollars, with up to 5 trucks and 7 crews during the peak of my business.

YouTube Started It All.

Then in 2016 I saw a video that encouraged me to start making videos. Miles said to make a video everyday for 30 days…

At first I didn’t know what I would be making videos on…

Then it struck me…

I could make videos on how to start a successful moving business. My target audience was the guys that wanted to started a business.

I wanted to keep it very raw and very real for you.

I showed you my successes. And I showed my failures.

I laid it all out for you.

And you seemed to like it.

Well, that simple YouTube channel has organically attracted over 4000 subscribers and private members only group.

I have people all over world contacting me and learning how to start a moving business.

But before I tell you that I know everything and I have it all figured out I want to ensure that this is NOT true.


I’ve learned so much more since doing this because my videos and membership has attracted people far more talented than me.

And I am so grateful.

So if you want to bypass that growing pain and fast-track your moving business, then I want to encourage to join the 7 Figure Moving Academy membership.

I’m not going sell you…

You either see the value or you don’t.

And right now…for just $1 you can enjoy full membership for 7 days and take advantage of everything that my membership has to offer.

If you find that it’s not for you then just cancel.

No fuss. No muss.

Hope to see you in the group.