testimonials and reviews

How to Get the Best Testimonials

Testimonials and ratings are the leading driving marketing force that you have in your arsenal. 

Your reputation is of vital importance in building a 7 figure moving business and to live the life that you’ve always dreamed of. 

The problem is that most of your reviews just suck. 

They’re bland and don’t really show the potential customer how it can solve their problem. It doesn’t alleviate their fears and concerns. 

The 3 Questions to Ask

Believe it or not, you have to educate your former customers to leave great reviews. 

And it’s super easy. 

You just ask them these 3 simple questions:

Question 1: What was it like for you before (product or service)?

Question 2: How is it now after (product or service)?

Questions 3: What would you tell other people about your experience with (product or service)?

Video Testimonial

By using the answers above you can then turn that into a video script and have your customers give you a video testimonial. 

A video testimonial will carry far more water with your customers than any written one. 

They know that written reviews can be faked…but when you have dozens and even hundreds of video testimonials you will be head and shoulders above your competition. 

How this Style of Testimonial will Explode your Business

Asking these three questions will do a few things for you:

  • Create believability
  • Show your customers how you solve their problems
  • Show your customers that others have had the same questions and concerns and how you solved them. 

Because these reviews explain to your potential new customers that they are in the same boat as another person that you helped them to great success, then they are more likely to believe in you and your company.

And with this review explaining the before and after like it does you pre-solve their problems and allay their fears. 

Thus you get instant rapport with them. And this follows the timeless formula of know, like and trust. 

The Key to an Unstoppable 7-Figure Moving Business

Every company lives and dies by its reputation. It is the one vital asset that you will ever own that will last forever and ever. 

It is said that you never get a second chance at a first impression. So that first impression better be stellar. 

How do you get that stellar unkillable reputation? Hard work, dedication to your craft, and above all else exceptional customer service. 

This results in, hopefully, and reputation that is unstoppable and unkillable.


To get that you have to ask for one thing…a review. 

Reviews are what drives your reputation online and in the community. So it is vital that you get the best testimonials you possibly can get…

So what will you do with this info?


Now that you have this amazing formula what are you going to do with it? How are you going to implement it so that you get testimonials that do the sales for you? 

Go and do something great today.