moving during coronavirus

Are Moving Companies Open During COVID-19?

Some want to know…are moving companies shutdown for COVID?

And that is a very valid question in these days and times…And the answer is simple and yet complex.

No…is the short answer.

No. Movers are not shut down during Coronavirus as known as COVID-19 or Novel Coronavirus.

So far…in all states and Canada…

Moving During Coronavirus

is still happening…but that can change at any moment.

There is one thing we know for sure and that nothing is certain. We don’t know if this virus is dying off, hibernating, mutating…we don’t lickety-split about it.

The eggheads in Washington are working hard and feverishly to solve this. There is a treatment and the FDA is allowing it to be used…and it’s working.

But there’s no vaccine…yet.

We all know that the coronavirus pandemic is unlike anything our generation has ever seen. Not only has the outbreak drastically affected travel and freedom of movement, it’s also affected jobs, lives, and the global economy.

Throughout the chaos and changing guidelines of the COVID-19 crisis, life must still go on and some level of normality must be maintained. That means households still need to move and students still need to relocate as campuses close.

So as it stands right now, as of this writing…

Moving Companies Are Essential Services

Which is good news for you…

But there are precautions that you have to take for yourself, your crews, and your shippers.

And communication of these procedures must be paramount. For without communication your company and its reputation are at risk.

And that leads me to my…

Bullet Proof 5-Step Emergency Application

I’ve already shared this formula with the 7 Figure Moving Academy Facebook group. as well as my the Full Proof Danger Application.

Between these two applications, you will survive this pandemic crisis and come out smelling like a rose.

The first step of the Emergency Application is to…

Promote. Promote. Promote.

Promote means making things known (communicating both externally and internally), getting things out, getting yourself known, getting your products out.

And when we speak of an individual we say Produce.

Produce means make or complete something that is useful or valuable. For example, an artist would put in extra hours on the job and fully complete his paintings.

Some great ways for you to communicate is via your own website.

You need to update your website to let your shippers know that you have theirs and your best interest and safety in mind.

My friend Lorne Macinnes for Ferguson Moving did something truly smart; he put up a pop-up on his website that you have to “x” out of to get rid of which forces the shipper to actually read the content. You can see his website here.

MY friend Wade of 2 Brothers Moving put up a bright color banner at the top of their website to draw the shipper’s attention to their procedures. You can see that here.

And Eric Wirks of Wirks Moving and Storage created not only a pop-up like Lorne’s but a professional video as well which right at the top next to their quote form. You can see that here.

Another effective strategy for getting the word out is…

Email Your Shipper’s

All of them…right now. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

I don’t care if they are just a lead or they are the books ready to be moved. All of them need to know what procedures and safety measures that you are taking to keep everyone safe and virus free.

I have an email/website template that you can use if you need something for your moving company. This template is FREE to all members of the 7 Figure Moving Academy Facebook group.

Another valuable service that you can offer is

Virtual In-Home Estimates

This isn’t a new service. In fact, I made a video of this on my YouTube Channel not all that long ago…go have a look.

And Andrew Androff, my friend & 7FMA member, took this a step further and made this very professional video explaining what a virtual home estimate is and how it is done in the post-coronavirus age. See it here.

These are not business as usual times. And this leads me to…

Change Your Operating Procedures

This is step 2 of the Emergency Application.

We can’t do what we’ve always done. In some ways we are all, each and everyone of us, are locked up under house arrest.

(At least that’s how it feels to me…)

How and what we do from here will define our companies. It will make or break us. So to live in the post COVID times changing our operating basis is vital.

We have to have a new business model. One that will work NOW and in the future.

And fortunately for you…I’ve put together Bullet Proof Thrival Business Plan especially for the times and for the future.

And I want you to have it…on me.

Of course…if you want the masterclass on how to implement it you do need to join the 7FMA.

You can download the business plan here.

But changing your operating basis is more than updating your business plan you also have to implement new…

Systems and Processes

You must adapt to the times with new procedures and systems.

Those systems and procedures must account for sanitizing your trucks and equipment before and after every move.

Another one of these new processes needs to be doing welfare checks on staff and crew as well as shippers. With your crew it needs to be everyday, and you should make it okay for any crew member to report if they are not feeling well.

Shippers should get a call 2 days before and the day of the move.

Having a check list of questions to ask them based on the CDC guidelines is imperative.

Shipper’s won’t find this intrusive…no, in fact, they’ll find refreshing and it’ll show your professionalism.

If you want to see more examples of how these systems and processes are put together and used check out the 7 Figure Moving Academy Facebook membership. It’s a wealth of knowledge.

These are all well and good, but there’s more you have to do when creating and that involves…

Hiring and Communicating with the Crew

This is very important are changing your operating basis.

You’re going to have crew members get scared and panicy. Intensive and daily communications with them is going to be vital.

There are many moving companies reporting that crews are not showing up to work because they don’t want to get sick, or become a carrier and take it back to their families…some of them with older parents in the home.

So you’re going to have get on a hiring spree.

This should be easy in theory as there are over 10 million people out of work right that could use an income.

Creating a roster that you can rely on when one or some go down.

But what happens when the…

Crews Start to Revolt?

Great question.

You need to expect that some are going to quit. And let’s be perfectly honest…they wanted to quit anyway…this is just giving them and excuse. And with the new Cares Act just passed…they get unemployment whether they quit or get fired.

Cost of doing business my friends.

What you need to do sit them down, let them know that it is perfectly okay to decide to stay home, but if they do, then they are out automatically for at least 14 days…they don’t need a doctor’s note (don’t need to burden the medical field with undue pressure right now). If they do decide this route, they’ll have a job waiting for them when they get back but you are still going to need to hire new people to cover their slots.

You also need to let them know, that they should feel eternally grateful that they have a job because there are millions, literally, that don’t have a job right now and are desperately seeking employment so they can feed their families.

The key to communicating this is with empathy and respect.

Remember, the COVID wasn’t their fault…

Now that we’ve changed our operating basis we need to go to the next vital step in the process…