9 reasons your movers quit

9 Reasons Your Movers Quit

9 reasons your movers quit

There are many reasons why your movers quit. But they all fall under the 9 categories below.

I’m going to be giving you a severe reality adjustment with this blog post…

This is going to be a kick in the gut…

And it gonna hurt…Bad!

You see…8 out of the 9 reasons your movers quit is because of you. It’s your fault. And you’ll see why in just a moment.

Just keep reading.

The 9 Reason Your Guys Call It Quits

Well, let’s get into it…no need to beat around the bush any longer, eh?

  1. You’re a dick. That’s right. You’re a real asshole. Nobody likes working for someone that treats them like crap…and your guys are no different.
  2. You don’t run a tight ship. Discipline is lacking, if there is any in the first place. And what discipline there is is a joke. A company cannot thrive without discipline. Plain and simple.
  3. Your company is disorganized. It’s a hot mess with some much randomity that person would go insane. You can find this, that, or the other thing. No one knows where anything goes or how to store. IT’s just piled up in a ball and stuck in the corner…And let’s not even begin to talk about that metric tonne of BS you call paperwork…Oh my!
  4. You don’t care about your guys. Or at the very least you come off like you don’t care. You’re indifferent and aloof. Who wants to work with someone that doesn’t care about them? I know I don’t. You don’t treat as a valuable member of the team. At the least treat them like you would a dear friend…They should be like family.
  5. You don’t train them. You just point and say, “Git it done.” Look…sitting them down and having them watch a playlist of YouTube videos is okay…it’s a start. But it takes one on one time to train someone properly. Either it’s you or your manager. You have to train them. They may not know how to communicate it but they sure don’t like looking like fools and morons. And when you send them out untrained that’s exactly how they look.
  6. You don’t provide the proper tools and materials to get the job done. I understand that it gets frustrating when the guys lose tools and shit. I get it. But you do not only make your guys look like assholes because they don’t have the proper tools and what not, but you make your company look shit too. Remember, how they look and act is a reflection of you and your business. Do you really want your customers to suffer because your guys are too stupid to keep track of tools and equipment? If so…then please rethink this business.
  7. You don’t fire and replace the losers fast enough. You have all the excuses in the world. I know. But this just a symptom of you not continually hire and recruiting people into the team. Or at the very least keeping a roster of guys on deck that you can call on when you need to get rid of people. Who wants to be working for or alongside negative Nelly? No one is who. If they’re giving you trouble, no matter how good they may be, you have to get rid of them, for the sake of the good crew and your business…and you have to do it fast.
  8. You don’t offer incentives. You have to understand if you don’t already, but these guys depend on you and their check to support themselves and their family. And if you can’t, or won’t, do it, then they will find someone that will. It doesn’t have to be a lot either. $20 bucks and there. Dinner and movie. A couple of hours to sleep in that’s paid. And if you can afford it, real benefits like health insurance for them and their family (the nice thing is if you do offer benefits, then you don’t have to pay them as much hourly.)
  9. Finally…They’re losers. They are too stupid and don’t know how to hold on a job. Their great ambition to play video games and smoke pot in their parent’s house for life. They’re barely literate mouth breathers meat bags and nothing more. And honestly, you shouldn’t have hired them in the first place.

To Summarize

As you can clearly see…8 of the 9 reasons your movers quit is your fault…actually they’re all your fault if you want to technically look at it.

So don’t get mad and blame your guys…

Look at the guy in the mirror and do something better. Do something different in your hiring…and be constantly hiring.

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