Benefits of Moving CRM Software

Learn the benefits of moving CRM software.

Moving CRM Systems

It amazes me how many moving companies, especially new companies, don’t take advantage of moving company software.

It is literally the secret sauce to a 7 Figure Moving Company!

I guess it’s because you don’t know the full benefits of a moving CRM software.

This became very evident to me the other day when a student of the 7 Figure Moving Academy asked after I did a video on CRMS what were the benefits of a moving CRM system.

I was blown away by that question…

No lie…

I truly thought it would be self-evident. I was shocked to have learned that it’s not.

So that’s why I am going to teach you the benefits of moving company CRM software.

And you too…can be on your way to a million dollar moving business in no time.

The Benefits of Moving CRM Systems

Organization – Organization is the cornerstone of any company. And this is especially true for moving companies like ours.

This is what the proper organization can do for you:

  • Have everything in one place that is accessible to everyone.
  • Having everyone on the same system. And knowing how to use it.
  • It increases efficiency.
  • And it increases productivity.

Time – We’ve all heard that time is money. Well, that is true. The faster (and better) that you can get things done, the more successful your business will be.

  • Everything is automated. So you don’t have to do it by hand which could take hours…sometimes days.
  • Everything is paperless. This not only saves on money with printing and supplies but with a CRM you will be paperless. All you need is a tablet or cell phone and get everything done.
  • This allows managers to see everything at a glance. No more having to search every place that you may have a file or store info. It’s all right there at the push of a button.

Reports & Stats – this is such a huge advantage. You can’t know your numbers, or debug and area, without having the reports and access to the stats. CRMs solve this.

  • Reporting is a breeze. Because everything is in the system it is just a matter of hitting print and you have a report.
  • Stats and reports are done in seconds and not hours or days. They are right there at any given moment. Just click the app icon and you have it. Can you imagine how this will save time and money when you can debug a problem almost instantly?
  • Tracks hours, leads, hours, mileage, inventory, storage usage, supplies, whatever you want it will track. And it will report to instantly.

Management – now has a tool that will literally save them hundreds of hours. That means money saved, increased efficiency and increased production.

  • It simplifies internal communications. Send an email. Write down notes for the movers. Order new supplies. All done within the CRM.
  • Allows Dispatch to assign trucks and crews efficiently. Tracks rental truck so you don’t pay more than you have to. Informs Dispatch when people are near or over 40hr/wk.
  • Helps to keep in legal rudiments so that you never run into regulatory problems. Keep the trucks maintained. The proper documents are sent to customers and tracked to ensure they are filled out correctly.
  • Makes sure that no claims or complaints are lost between the cracks. Helps your customers that do have problems get them fixed fast. Your customers are handled quickly, efficiently and with satisfactory results…turning a bad situation in a positive one.

Automation – in this day and age everyone wants things now. Your customers demand instant gratification. A CRM implements automation to give your customers exactly that.

  • As long as the information is entered correctly the entire system is updated immediately. The salesperson closes the deal, the info in updated from lead to job, customers sent emails immediately, and Dispatch assigns trucks and crew right now. No waiting on paperwork to come across the desk.
  • Sends emails instantly and immediately. Your customers get that instant gratification because as soon as they close they have an email in their inbox. Followups are done. Text and messenger messages sent right now. All from the CRM and it’s done automatically.
  • When the job is done, sends emails collecting and distributing reviews. Bad reviews go to complaints to be handled, and positive ones get posted.
  • Your customers will get automatic follow-ups and confirmations. Increasing your professionally and value to the customer. No more forgetting to follow up because you are on the truck, or the office person forgot to send the email or make the call. Your CRM does for you automatically.

Saves Money – Because of the increased efficiency, which increases productivity, and it tracks spending and waste you’ll save a lot of money. Thereby putting it all back into the company where it can do some real good.

  • Lowers your overhead. With a good CRM, you won’t need as many people to run your office. You won’t have to pay the payroll, taxes, and insurance on redundant personnel.
  • Because you are able to track waste and spending you’ll be able to curb it. Therefore no buying tools over and over. You’ll be able to spot the person responsible and handle them. You’ll be able to figure out which crewmember is doing most of the damage, and so on.
  • Keeps track of how long jobs take, the working hours. With this, you can make adjustments.
  • You’ll be able to manage payroll, taxes, insurance, spending, etc. thus being able to stop the wasteful spending. And/or firing the people that cause damage and loss. Properly manage maintenance with trucks and equipment.

Customer Service – And finally your customers will love it too. They’ll be treated like kings and queens. You’ll be viewed as a true professional…one where your customers would be proud to refer their friends and family.

  • A moving CRM system will make you look like the professionals that you are. With increased communication and constant value added to them, your customers will overlook most minor boo-boos.
  • Your customers will feel like they are truly cared for and that you do indeed have their backs. They never need to know that the emails and messages are all canned and pre-written. At least if you o the job right they won’t.
  • And because you have everything automated they get that instant gratification they everyone is looking for.

Recommended Moving CRM Companies

There are a lot of great moving CRM software companies on the market today. Most of them are truly very affordable even for the newer moving companies.

There are moving CRM systems that you can purchase for as little as $100 per month.

And almost all of them offer some sort of trial period or first month discount.

So here just some of the companies that I recommend:

Movegistics – This is one of two of the top companies offering moving company CRM software for your company. This company is endorsed by the likes of Eric Wirks of Wirks Moving And Storage. And several other 7 figure moving companies.

Move It Pro – This another one of the top two moving company CRM software companies you may choose. This software is used by million dollar moving companies Timothy Krupp of Krupp Moving and Storage and Wade Swikle of 2 College Brothers Moving. You can see my review of MoveItPro on YouTube here.

OnCue – While not a CRM in the strictest sense, they do have the ability to handle almost everything that you need.

To Summarize

You can clearly see that you will be doing yourself and your company a favor by getting and utilizing a moving CRM software system.

It will help you organize your company thereby increasing efficiency, improving productivity, save you time and money…all the while making you look like a rockstar with your customers because they are in great, professional hands.

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